paul walker died at car accident

paul walker died at car accident at los angeles, actor on fast and furious died on single car accident as preached by tmz had a terrible accident which resulted in his car on the drive destroyed.

The incident is ON Santa Clarita - A North in Los Angeles - are connected to Pablo After more resources and ... The actor was a Porsche when the driver lost control somehow fashion and Ando A crash into a pole or a tree ... and then the burning car.

Many of our sources - some of which are still on the scene - and Paul says another person were killed in the car. Still the police on the scene, and we were in the coroner's office in Los Angeles said he is on the way to County.ella Contea.

paul die at 40 we know about him work on fast furious franchise, "It 's really a heavy heart that we have to confirm that Paul Walker is now dead in a car accident while participating in a charity event for your company, Reach Out Worldwide," he said in a statement on their official Facebook
"He was a passenger in the car of a friend who were both killed.  
Appreciate your patience while we are stunned and incredibly sad by this news. Thank you for your family and friends in your prayers during this difficult time." LL will do our best to accommodate you to inform you of where you keep condolences. ride in peace paul
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