Chris Kelly mid 1990s, rap duo Kris Kross died

Chris Kelly mid 1990s, rap duo Kris Kross died Wednesday in an Atlanta hospital after he was found not responsible at home. He was 34 years old.As there is no death of Kelly, and the Office of Fulton County Coroner said an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.Kelly, Chris Smith rose to fame in 1992 jump eight weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.
chirs kelly rap duo kris kross

Judging by his stage name Mac Daddy (with Smith, known as Mac Daddy) pair is known behind to use during presentations. her clothes Rapper Da Brat was shocked by the death of Kelly. He played for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the brand So So Def producer Jermaine Dupri in February, Kris Kross, who met for one night.

RIP TO MY LIL BRO Chris Kelly Chris Cross. The dam will not only show reruns and make sure Def20 he wrote.Michael Skolnik, editor of the website Global Grind hiphop I wear my clothes for work tomorrow in the opposite direction.

Kelly and Smith was 13 years old when they were discovered in 1991, in a mall in Atlanta Jermaine Dupri. The duo follows a successful jump to warm up. All songs have pushed their first full album Krossed multi-platinum status

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