Android on Digital camera

Android is famous mobile operating system almost all mobile device use android for their operating system, but this post is not about mobile phone or tablet in here i will give another gadget that use android for operating system. yes digital camera.
nikon as fabrication digital camera already launch digital camera with android operating system with codename Nikon coolpix S800c, this camera use android 2.3 versio. coolpix S800c can fully access for google play and download all software for used by the camera .

 Nikon coolpix S800c glance looks like smartphone that equipped with youtube, gmail google play, menus. this camera like another nikon product have highly specification, nikon  coolpix S800c have cmos sensing with 16 mega pixel. have zoom until 10x and can take picture with 8 frame per second. so we can always make photo with highly resolution and easy to upload the internet.

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